Scorpion Window Film

Scorpion Shield Plus

Scorpion's Shield Plus automotive tint is a nano-ceramic film, which blocks 99% of UV and 95% IR with a Total Solar Energy Rejection up to 84%. What this means for you, is a cooler, more comfortable cabin of your car, while also protecting your skin and the interior of your vehicle from sun fading.  Shield Series window tint is the perfect upgrade to your car whether you're always on the road, or you just want to keep comfortable when it gets warm out.

Scorpion Carbon Series

Scorpion's Carbon Series automotive tint is the perfect option if you're just looking for a little more privacy in your vehicle, or if you're just looking for a bit more shade while you drive. Not only is there a wide variety of shades to choose from, but Carbon Series window tint offers a great value for everyday drivers and car enthusiasts alike.

More of our services

Sleek, Protective and Private

Commercial Tint

Wether it's a your small business or office building, we can do it! Adding a reflective tint or a frost finish to the inside or outside of your business can create a professional and private space, great for conference rooms and private offices. 

Residential Tint 

Protecting your furniture from the sun while adding a custom flare to the exterior of your home and privacy is a great addition to your home and daily comfortability.

Boat & RV Tint

Roadtrips, traveling or even a nomad lifestyle, having a tint provides heat reduction, privacy and protection from the summer sun and cloudy days! Protecting your valuables and skin from harmful UV rays saves you the worry and doctor visits in the future!