What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, also known sometimes as a clear bra, is an all-weather, scratch resistant film

to be applied over the car's original paint in order to protect from sun-fading, clear coat wear, as well as be your best line of defense against stray rocks that may normally scratch or chip your paint, the PPF takes the impact instead of your car's precious paint job.

Get Your Car Ceramic Coated For Added Protection Against

UV Rays and Contaminates

Come by for a detailing, or even get a ceramic coating for your car.  Ceramic Coating is the best product you can use for a topcoat on your paint, reducing the risk of getting scratches or chips from stray road debris while you drive.  Ceramic Coating can be added on as an additional service on top of any vinyl wraps, in addition to tinting packages, ask about our current specials on Ceramic Coating.

3M Vinyl  

Vinyl wraps offers several advantages when it comes to customizing your vehicle. At SD auto we use 3M for its consistency and quality control. Not only is it a more affordable alternative to painting your vehicle but also protects paint from scratches, UV rays, rust and environmental factors. With a variety of finishes such as gloss, semi-gloss, matte, and satin you can achieve different visual effects and textures for your ride, giving it a brand-new apperance. 3M vinyl can last 4-5 years, but with proper maintenance can last up to 7 years.    

Custom Decals 

Custom decals and stickers are a perfect customization for any vehicle or business, wether it's for a more sleek look or to feature your logo allowing an increase of brand exposure. Express your personality with unique designs for vehicle or storefront.